lessons with lori Sing Legato

Quarantine Day number… FOREVER!!!! While spending too much time with myself and an ENORMOUS amount of time missing my students, I have decided to go through some of my favorite resources and share them.

Sing Legato by Kenneth Jennings is a fantastic resource for Choral Directors and Private Voice Teachers and students! This warm-up book is full of exercises that focus on specific techniques including legato lines, staccato, rich tone, and various intervals. The book has a student edition that goes through each of the exercises, and an accompanist edition that includes all of the transpositions of accompaniment through the keys, making it easier to create a lovely “performance” from each exercise.

In this video, I will take you through the Legato exercise, teaching you the melody, and then running you through the transpositions.

You can purchase your own copy of this book at J.W. Pepper. I am not an affiliate of this company nor do I gain anything by giving my recommendation.