Thomas Folger – Voice

Thomas Folger is the latest addition to the Voce Family joining as a Private Voice Instructor. Having worked closely with educators in the community he’s excited to get students prepared for the next level of singing. 

Thomas has had the opportunity to perform throughout the Southeast with varying performing groups and artists ranging from professional choirs to Grammy Award Winning Artists. His time in college afforded him the opportunity to perform with acts such as UGA Men’s Glee, The Hodgson Singers, The King’s Singers, Craig Hella Johnson, Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli and Usher. Most recently having performed with the Augusta Players he’s got hands-on experience transitioning from the academic to public world. 

Thomas earned his Bachelor’s from the University of Georgia being GACE certified in Voice. Having worked in all facets of voice including theory, IPA, multilanguage singing, as well as many others allowing for a deeper understanding of the growing voice. 

Thomas follows the tenet of his previous instructors being “Passion is the path” -Dr. Broughton. Believing that the joy of music is always going to be the purest motivator to not only practice but perform, he emphasizes that ensuring students always want to try and learn is going to be the most effective means of improvement. Not to say that health and a core understanding of the voice as an instrument are not essential but rather that these things allow us to explore our passion deeper and to be better prepared as the voice changes and evolves to be its own unique instrument. 

What to expect when you’re expecting a lesson with Thomas Folger. Most students who have studied with him have been going through voice changes and subsequently needing to adjust their lessons/objectives. Never one to shy away from the challenge, he considers it a unique opportunity to build confidence and further the passion of singing as students undergo their own changes. Having gone through the levels of highschool, to collegiate, and professional singing he’s familiar with the challenges and solutions to reach further beyond. 

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