De’Marcus Monroe

Acting Coach

De’Marcus is excited to be joining the VOCE team! He is a Davidson Fine Arts Alum, where he got started as an actor at 13 and decided to choose theatre as his career path.

After graduating, he went on to attend Columbus State University and earn a degree in Theatre Performance and a focus in Directing. After earning his degree he was chosen to attend a National Fellowship at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts for his accomplishments as a director.

Currently, De’Marcus is signed with Atlanta Models and Talent Inc. in Atlanta, Ga and has just come off of a National Tour of “A Christmas Carol” with the Nebraska Theatre Caravan. He is excited to educate and train new students who are interested in bettering themselves as actors. “Acting is just real life put on a platform, and as easy as it may sound, real life is the hardest to portray. I simply want to take young actors and give them the training that they need to be successful in the industry.” 

De’Marcus is currently available for coaching on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4:30pm to 7pm.