lessons with lori – Heartbeat Activity 1

Hi VOCE! I hope all of you are surviving the Corona Quarantine! This extrovert is missing her students, but I am also enjoying the opportunity to catch up on some work and spend some quality time with my tiny humans!

I was on the phone the other day with my sister Gina who has three boys of her own quarantined at home. She was just given the green light to work from home too, but her school system wasn’t set up for distance learning. She is a little beside herself trying to come up with things for the kids to do that don’t include sitting on their tablets all day. Insert music teacher sister HERE!

She did tell me that she would be skipping the lessons that included banging on pots and pans…WHATEVS!

So here you have it…Heartbeat Activity 1. “1” because you will be getting another activity that uses the same materials! It is super easy and doesn’t require that they bang on pots and pans, although if they do, please take video and share it with me!

What you need:

Click on the link below to print out the heartbeat sheets I created, OR you can make your own hearts. Each player needs 1 set of “Beat” and one set of “Broken” cards.


Optional: Homemade rhythm instrument of your choosing, or they can do what we do in the video.